Certified Program in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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  • A certified Machine Learning & AI Program
  • Classroom Learning Weekend Course
  • Designed for working professionals 
  • It is a 5 week hands on +1 week remote course
  • You don’t need to leave your job
  • One on one training with industry mentors  
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This Certified Program in Machine Learning & AI is:

5 weeks Practical Hands - on Training + 1 week Remote Capstone Project Training

Designed for Working Professionals

Timely Doubt Resolution

One - on - One with Industry Mentors

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Why Machine Learning ?

Machine learning is taking over the world- and with that, there is a growing need among companies for professionals to know the ins and outs of machine learning.

The machine learning market size is expected to grow from USD 1.03 Billion in 2016 to USD 8.81 Billion by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 44.1% during the forecast period.

Why Artificial Intelligence ?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will define the next generation of software solutions. Human-like capabilities such as understanding natural language, speech, vision, and making inferences from knowledge will extend software beyond the app. 

This course in Artificial Intelligence will help you learn the skills you need to build the intelligent future.

In the present day, we see AI integrated into our everyday lives with personal assistances. AI assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google AI Assistant are all popular applications we use to conduct everyday tasks. These assistances can be used to pull information from the web, turn on home appliances, set reminders, talk to each other, and so much more. These types of machine learning assistants are ever evolving, so the demand for engineers and computer scientists is at an all-time high for this market.

Hi, My name is NEELIMA VOBUGARI & I'm the Founder & CEO of Tarah AI and also a Co- Instructor in this Program. 

After a career spanning 15+ years in the IT Industry, I decided to be my own boss and founded Tarah AI, an AI Consulting & Training Firm. I'm a certified Data Scientist from John Hopkins University and a tech girl.

I have been awared with "Women Leaders in AI" award & I'm really happy & content to have trained 5000+ people in this amazing field of Artificial Intelligence.

As an AI professional, I am running a challenging enterprise, focusing on solving critical problems of customers, and society alike, using AI based principles converting raw data to actionable intelligence.

When I'm not working on my business, you'll find me at home, playing with my daughters or reading some Numerology Books (I'm fascinated with it) or grabbing my sketchbook.

I have created this wonderful Program to help people in the tech industry keep up with the fast moving world of technology. I want to always give back through teaching & training people.

I'm proud to be an Indian woman & I want to be an inspiration for all the girls who are told women don't do tech.

Even though the reasons to enroll for this Program on Machine Learning and AI are obvious, here are some added benefits.

Additional focus on Communication Skills (for interview preparation), portfolio creation on Github etc.

Learn from an added IIM level Business Perspective along with a strong technical one. 

Classroom course that leads to no diversion as compared to online course where diversion rates are as high as 50 %.

Career Transition with up to 200% Salary Hike.

Let’s take a tour through the program.

  • Brief Introduction to AI - What is AI? - Use cases - Tech Stack - AI vs ML vs DL
  • Setting up the development Environment - Anaconda - Jupyter notebooks - Refresher on Python - Intro to numpy and Pandas
  • In class coding assignment
  • Basics of ML - Unsupervised, Supervised and Reinforcement
  • Unsupervised ML at a glance - Clustering, Recommendation Systems - Code walkthroughs using SkLearn
  • Supervised ML at a glance - Classification (Logistic Regression, Decision Trees) - Linear Regression - Code walkthroughs using SKLearn
  • In class coding assignment
  • Basics of Deep Learning - Introduction to Neural networks - Coding a simple neural network in Keras/Tensorflow
  • Deep dive on Training, Loss functions, gradient descent and back Propagation Strategies to handle Overfitting and Underfitting
  • In class coding assignment( Auto-encoders)
  • Communication Training (for interviews), Github portfolio preparation
  • Computer vision and Deep Learning - Introduction to image processing - Use cases
  • Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) - Introduction - Using OpenCV framework - Walkthrough of an image processing example using CNN
  • In class coding assignment on CNN
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning - Introduction - Use cases
  • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) - Introduction - Walkthrough of an NLP use case using RNN
  • In class coding assignment on RNN (Sentiment Analysis)
  • Practical Considerations of Machine Learning - Overfitting vs underfitting - Weight Initialization - Early stopping - Hyperparameter tuning - Normalization - Dropouts - Dataset design and understanding biases in data - Training on GPUs vs CPUs
  • Conversational AI - Introduction - Walkthrough on chatbot code example
  • In class coding assignment – write your own chatbot
  • Emerging areas - Attention networks - Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
  • Introduction to Amazon SageMaker - Setting up Amazon Account - Development to Deployment workflow - Walkthrough of a sample model deployment
  • In class coding project

Capstone Project, Guided Remotely:

  • Take Home Capstone – Review Offline Over Email – Five Weeks After Training

Program Starts 

The entire 6 week program will commence on May 18th, 2019 & classes will be conducted in Koramangala, Bengaluru (South Bangalore).


Program Fee 

₹49,999/- for the entire 6 week program.

And an additional 30% discount that is valid only for the next 72 hours. So, get on a call with us at 9880644274 now to clear all your doubts & register before the discounted price ends.



Dr.Srinivas Padmanabhuni is the Past president of ACM India. Prior to co-founding Tarah Technologies, he was Associate Vice President heading research at Infosys till Oct. 2015. He has rich experience of more than 15 years in IT Industry.

Neelima Vobugari is the CEO of Tarah Technologies, http://www.tarahtech.com. She is a certified CRM consultant and a certified Data Scientist. She is an alumnus of John Hopkins University, Maryland, where she finished her specialization in Data Sciences.

Nimish Sanghi is a serial entrepreneur with a passion to learn and put in practice emerging technologies. His current passion is Artificial Intelligence and how to put theory into use as a practitioner. He has helped many a mid level career professional start AI journey through his unique hands-on AI sessions.

6 Weeks Course

5000+ students taught

Starting on May 18th

Practical Hands - On course

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